Video 101

Video 101, a First Course in Video Production is an inexpensive affordable system to teach video and TV production for High Schools and Middle Schools. It can also be used by Video Yearbook Staffs, Video Clubs, Classroom Teachers and Independent Producers.

The system uses a hands-on approach to build and develop within each student the established industry standards of Video/TV production. Each chapter has a consistent format that states a topic, defines it, and then illustrates it.   All chapters have activities and tips that help develop the chapter’s skills.  The Teacher’s Guide provides suggested projects that coincide with the system’s hands-on approach.  Additionally, the Teacher’s Guide has objective and project tests that can be modified and printed to meet each teacher’s particular needs. 

Video 101 is a proven and widely accepted non-technical teaching system that will fit into any Video/TV curriculum and meet any required standards.



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